Building business 

Every business needs a property that works

We endeavour to deliver on all apsects of commercial development. Whether you are building a residential tower or a factory for your business operation we would love to be involved and help you by delivering a property that works for you.

D&K have been building for a long time and we realise that sometimes we need to be suggestive and contribute to construction design whereas, at other times we recognise that sometimes we need to build exactly what is on the provided plan. Understanding this careful balance is critical in delivering customer satisfaction and commercial premises that accelerate the success of the client's business or investment potential.

Our entire management team still visit every site regularly becuause we are still interested in our work and enjoy the rewarding nature of construction. We endeavour to employ all of our trades people and minimise the reliance on outside contractors. 

We have formulated a diverse portfolio of commercial development that we are proud of and would relish in the opportunity to tender for your next project. 

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